PVC foil

Usage – to create humidity resistant layer for floor-bed, floorboards, concrete floors, sliding layer in the surface and a protective layer keeping thermal and acoustic insulation dry – 0,2 i 0,3 mm thick; to construct water-tight elements of the underground buildings and to seal containers – 0,4 – 0,8 mm thick; to create anti-humidity and watertight safeguards, to seal water channels, embankments – ≥ 1,0 mm thick; to insulate terraces – foils ≥ 1,2 mm thick.

PVC foil is oil-resistant, elastic and can be easily reshaped without heating (for troughs, hollows, grooves).

This product is technologically approved.


- width 2 m

- length 26,6 run.m in a beam

- thickness 0,2 mm to 3,0 mm