Silage foil

SILOSTAR silage foil has enjoyed the well-earned popularity among the manufacturers of silages.

Owing to its structure consisting of three layers, it is unusually resistant to mechanical damage and atmospheric factors.It provides excellent protection for fodder against the access of air and thermal radiation, which ensures optimal course of the fermentation processes.


  • in production of fodder,
  •  for pickling fresh and withered green plants,
  •  as an external cover for piles,
  • to cover the silos with silages,
  •  to cover the mounds with roots and bulbs of forage.


  • enhanced mechanical strength and high resistance to puncture,
  •  significantly limited gas penetration,
  • impermeability for long-term thermal radiation ,
  • enhanced thermal insulation parameters,
  • high resistance to UV radiation,
  • lightness and elasticity,
  • easiness of application,
  • competitive price.


  • Width: 6 m, 8 m, 12 m,
  • Length: 33 running metres,
  • Black and white colour